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Thanaporn Nilanawok
Whether you are a Broadway fan or,like myself, a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fan, this is a wonderful, fabulous cd.Even if you haven't seen or heard about the musical "Jersey Boys", you will know their story after this. It is told in, of course, the musical history, buy also the narrative which is so real and funny, but so real. Buy and enjoy!
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Let me tell you... Jaime ain't the only one making adjustments. I've lived in L.A. and Denver, and never came south except to switch planes at the airport. Emotions have run the gamut and if I was young, I'd have slingshot myself right out of here.
Having just discovered Jaime during the holidays, it is cheering to know there are a few of us out here, trying to get the hang of a different culture. Suffice to say, it's much better 2 years into moving to Alabama. Jaime's book is great. I flew through it, appreciating it all. She's got that open book personality I have, and then some. I like her writing style. She flows in her delivery. Hoping she finds it in her to try writing another book. I'm in ANNISTON and I could use the distraction!
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